Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Page 7 Men: Roar

If you were a 13 year old future stripper queen in the early 90s and had satellite TV, you'll remember the Roar Compilation they used to play late at night on the Lifestyle Satellite Jukebox. I recorded hours of that channel every night under the guise of recording pop videos until I managed to catch them playing it, and it then became (along with Chippendales Tall Dark and Handsome which I'd managed to surreptitiously record, in German, from RTL Plus) my wank material for years until I got internet access. 

 Anyway, I'd never seen the full version of Roar as it's not available on DVD, but I've just purchased it on VHS and capped it on my old Matsui VCR I had to get down from the loft. It's coming up on Male Strippers Exposed over the next month, along with Dreamboys Live & Wild. Now all I need is London Knights 1 and 2.


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